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“See the differences between StudioMagic 1 & 2 at the bottom

StudioMagic 1 & 2… The Ultimate Composting Suite for Photoshop!

With eight one-click tool sets for professional quality image compositing.


StudioMagic 1 Pro-Panel

Select and remove subjects in minutes from studio backgrounds even with detailed edges and flying hair. Cut out and replace dull skies with dramatic LayerCake skies!

Add shadows to any subject, change light direction, time of day, then copy the same settings to multiple images in the same scene, you can even save custom shadows as your own presets.

Brush in light to add focus to any image. Paint in light beams and shafts of light for amazing drama! If you make a mistake, click a key, and paint back what you removed!

StudioMagic 2 Compositing-Panel


Change entire seasons in a click, beautiful soft snow storms, violent rain squalls, low drifting fog banks, even change daylight to sunset.

• Season Shifter            • Fogged in
• Let it Snow                  • Sunset
• Rain Maker



Inspired by the grunge look of contemporary sports images and movie posters, put edge on your composites like the pros do it with tools like Color Pop and Grunge Boost.

• Color Pop Effects
• Grunge Boost



Create realistic water and mirror reflections in a click that previously required expensive studios and lots of equipment.

• Water Reflect
• Mirror Image



In a click, add natural light rays, sun beams, bursts and edge lighting for impact and drama. Balance ambient light color and temperature across multiple layers.

• Rays Beams & Bursts
• Edge Light



In a click, add clouds to boring skies, light up a night sky with the moon and stars. Finally catch that rainbow you always seem to miss in your camera. Add the impact of lightning or the calming effect of a flock of geese.

• Cloud Creator
• Moon Clock
• Over the Rainbow
• Starry Night
• Lightning Strikes
• Birds & Flocks   


Who is the StudioMagic 1 & 2 perfect for?
• Photoshop and print comp artists
• Professional photographers & studios, saves time on Photoshop tasks
• Professional designers and art directors
• Amateurs who enjoy playing with images

User Friendly & Compatibility
• Powerful enough for pros, easy enough for amateurs
• Effects are placed in one click, no more drag & drops
• Works with LayerCake Virtual Sets or sets you make yourself!
• The StudioMagic 1 & 2 panels are compatible with CS5 – CC 2015

• All LayerCake collections and plugins are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs
• Full written video and writtien tutorials included


• StudioMagic 2 is not an upgrade of StudioMagic 1 the Pro-Panel. They are entirely different plugins


Watch StudioMagic 1 Pro-Panel WOW movie

Watch StudioMagic 2 Compositing Panel WOW movie

Watch StudioMagic 1 Tutorials and Installation

Watch StudioMagic 2 Tutorials and Installation

See StudioMagic Bundles


*StudioMagic 1 & StudioMagic 2 Differences

StudioMagic 1 & 2 are sister suites. They operate independently, but are easily docked together in Photoshop to use in a seamless workflow. They were designed to handle two important functions in compositing, initial image preparation and image assembly and enhancement. If StudioMagic 1 is the cake, StudioMagic 2 is the icing.

SM I: CutOut. ShadowCaster. LightBrush.

For prepping your subjects for placement into a new composite. CutOut easily removes your subject from it’s original background, it’s also used for removal and sky replacement. ShadowCaster is for creating a realistic shadow on your subject that matches the lighting in the new composite. LightBrush is for focusing attention on your subject once placed in the new composite.

SM II : Enviro. HyperZap. LightingEffex. Reflections. Compositor.

For enhancing the new composite that includes your subject. SM II changes entire seasons and daylight to sunset. Creates mirror and water reflections. Has a library of one-click accent images like birds, clouds, moons and rainbows. Can create natural and man-made lighting effects and adds punch to images that you want to make jump off the page.





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