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LayerCake 2 for 1 Specials!

The Perfect Combination of Fashion & Sports.
Window Gobos at an unbelievable $39 bucks with
Pennant Race backgrounds FREE!

Create the glamor of old Hollywood with 40 drag & Drop StudioMagic Window Gobos, and get ready for the race to the pennant with LayerCake’s ultimate baseball portrait collection all for $39 bucks!

Window Gobos
Creating the look of natural light in a studio can be challenging and time consuming to produce. You also need good lighting equipment, the expertise and a studio to control the light. With our Window Gobos you can create the same look in minutes and you don’t even need a studio. 40 drag & drop, ornate & contemporary window Gobos, each is 300 dpi and comes with a simple tutorial that will have you creating this glamorous look in minutes.

Pennant Race
Fifty high action varsity baseball backgrounds, 11″ X 14″ portrait size and 10″ X 20″ team spreads. Perfect for the display individual player images and full horizontal team shots. The collection also includes a starter set of Photoshop actions for simple one-click templates and the Varsity alphabet and color styles set for personalization of images. You can easily re-crop, re-size and add your own creative touch, with any of the popular filters such as Topaz or Nik. Each background is a 300 dpi high-resolution jpeg.

Perfect for young adults, senior portraits, team sports, kids or anyone who wants to have fun with Photoshop. Add StudioMagic 1 to your purchase, for easy CutOuts and Shadows.

StudioMagic makes the process faster and easier.
Adding StudioMagic 1 to you purchase with CutOut, ShadowCaster and LightBrush, makes adding your subjects to the scene a snap. CutOut is the easiest subject removal tool on the market and the only one that has both a shadow feature for adding realistic shadows and a light brush for toning back the background. StudioMagic was rated five stars by Photoshop magazine.

This collection is perfect for young adults, senior portraits, team sports, kids or anyone who wants to have fun with Photoshop.

Window Gobos and Pennant Race is compatible with any version of Photoshop, StudioMagic 1 requires CS5-CC-2016. Both work on, Mac or PC!

See Window Gobo Movie

Watch Gobo Tutorials

See the full Window Gobo collection

See Pennant Race Video

See the full Pennant Race collection

See Pennant Race extras

Watch StudioMagic1 WOW movie

Watch StudioMagic 1 Tutorials and Installation

See StudioMagic 1 & 2 bundles.


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